About Us

Our History:

We started an after school math tutoring program in Jan 2016 in Arizona. In three years, we became one of the best math tutoring programs in Arizona, and student enrollment has increased over 300% due to the outstanding performance of our students in MATHLEAGUE, MATHCOUNTS, and AMC8. Since 2020, we have offered our classes to out-of-state students ever since we moved the classes from onsite to online due to COVID-19. As of today, we have students from over 30 states. 

Why We Exist:  

The current U.S. mathematics curriculum at the elementary and middle school levels has several issues including but not limited to: 

Current U.S. class material and textbooks often are too confusing or too simple Current U.S. educational policy follows “No Child Left Behind” and “Every Student Succeeds”, which is often too slow for talented students 

Current shortage of qualified math teachers due to low pay and morale, safety concerns, etc. 

At the high school and college levels, math is much more challenging. Therefore, many students have a difficult time, necessitating spending long hours studying in order to maintain a decent GPA. 

To fill this educational gap, we start from the elementary level to train students and build a solid foundation in mathematics. For talented students, we encourage them to participate in the most popular mathematics contests in the U.S., including MATHLEAGUE, AMC8, MATHCOUNTS and other local contests. 

Most of our students start to enroll in our tutoring program from the 4th grade if they plan to participate in mathematics contests. For students just interested in building a solid foundation in mathematics, they can start later. We also accept students lower than the 4th grade if they have an especially strong interest in the program or a particular talent in math. 

Our Goals: 

  • To create an online program which can build strong foundations in mathematics for ALL elementary and middle school students
  • To provide contest courses which aid talented students participating in elementary and middle school competitions to win awards up to the national level
  • To boost students’ interest and confidence to solve challenging math problems
  • To help students think outside the box and solve problems logically. 

All students can improve if they learn with passionate and experienced teachers. 

Everyone can be a winner if they try their best. 

Learning can truly be fun. Work hard and work smart to be successful. 


The teaching culture for our teachers is to guide our students’ learning and help students find the beauty of math by helping them discover the reason underneath formulas and theorems. Our teachers are passionate in teaching math and are happy to work with students to: 

  • Improve their knowledge and problem-solving skills 
  • Build a solid foundation for high school and contest math 
  • Inspire students to be more interested in math and to be more confident in solving challenging problems 
  • Solve challenging problems via creative ways 

MS. Jennie Shen

 Founder of LIF LLC, she passionately aims for her students to learn and to be successful wherever they go. She started her group lessons in Jan 2016 after her private students achieved the AMC8 perfect score, AMC8 Distinguished Honor Roll and MATHCOUNTS National Qualifier. In the last 7 years, she has taught over 500 students from various levels. She offers AOPS PreAlgebra, AMC8, MATHCOUNTS regular classes as well as number sense and logic classes to help students become ready for various math contests. Over 40 students have won the AMC8 Distinguished Roll and AMC8 Honor Roll.  3 students have even become Math League National Champions.