01 / What is unique about LIF? 

We use the “Effective Training” philosophy to choose training zones based on student’s strength and weakness so the students get the best results within the shortest amount of time. Our instructors have track records for talented students to get AMC8 perfect score, distinguish honor roll, MATHCOUNT National qualifiers and AIME qualifiers. Formula of success is “work hard” and “work smart”. You can find detail explanation of “Effective Training” and training zones under home page. 

02 / What are the benefits of taking math classes if my child will not pursue engineering as a major? 

We realize that not everyone needs to pursue engineering as his/her major. Generally speaking, math is the foundation for all engineering and finance majors. Getting a strong foundation in math at a middle school level opens doors to various opportunities in one’s future career. The logic/reasoning skills they learn will also help students to get high scores at the GRE and GMAT tests. 

03 / I don’t care about math competitions, what benefits are there in enrolling my child in the math class? 

We believe that middle school is the Golden Period for your child to build a strong foundation in math and problem solving skills. It is relatively easy for a middle school student to commit time to work on math problems than high school students who have lots of homework, activities and volunteer work to do. It prepares a student so that they can focus on other activities and home work when he/she is able to spend less time on their math homework and still maintain a good math GPA and get a high score on the SAT.

04 / Do I have to enroll my child in the math class/camp?

It depends on your individual goal and your confidence level in training your child. If you feel very comfortable teaching your child and your knowledge/skill is sufficient, then you do not need to enroll your child in any class or camp. Parents are the best teachers for young children. We highly recommend you try the AMC8 test and/or MATHCOUNTS test yourself to determine if you are familiar with all of the problems. The majority of the top performers do have a history of enrolling in various math clubs/classes/camps.

05 / My child does not like math, should I still enroll him/her in math class or camp?

It depends. For most children in middle school, they usually do not know what exactly they want to do in the future. However, math is a core course in high school and their SAT math score is critical to their application for the top colleges. No interest in math during middle school can be changed later on. In the past, students have won competitions with little or no interest in math. 06 / How early should my child start to prepare? There is no fixed answer to this question. The majority of the students start at 5th grade or 6th grade, some could be even earlier. If your child is very interested in math, you can start before 5th grade. We do recommend starting from 5th grade if they finish pre-Algebra and can understand the problems.